In the Netherlands, elections to the municipal councils take place once every four years. The most recent municipal council elections were held on 19 March 2014. The next elections will be held on 21 March 2018. The municipal executive of each municipality is responsible for the organization of the elections.

Voting pass

Voters will receive an invitation to vote at their home address no later than March 7: a voting pass. With this voting pass, the voter can vote in a polling station within the municipality. If someone does not have the opportunity to vote for himself, he can have someone else do this by proxy. The polling pass contains the address of the polling station closest to the voter. However voters can cast their vote in a polling station of their choice within the municipality.

No voting pass received. Lost or damaged

If you have not received a voting pass. Or if your voting pass is damaged or lost, you can apply for a replacement voting pass at the municipality. Contact the municipal services department to request a replacement voting pass. This can be done by sending an e-mail to . Also send a picture of a valid identity card (passport, identity card or driver’s license). The e-mail must arrive at the municipality on March 16.
You can also request a replacement voting pass at the city center Centrum (Spoorlaan 181). Look for the opening times at Take a valid identity card (passport, identity card or driver’s license) with you. You must do the application yourself. Someone else can not do that. A replacement voting card can be applied for at the town hall until March 20 at 12.00 hours.
For more information: call (013) 542 84 94.


All voters casting their vote must show identification to identify themselves. Any such identification must not have been expired by more than five years. A passport, identity card or driver’s license from the Netherlands or an EU country are valid proof of identity

I vote for you or you vote for me

If you do not have the opportunity to vote yourself (for example due to work, illness or vacation) then you can authorize another voter living in Tilburg to do this for you.
Enter the back of your voting card together. The authorized representative must bring your voting pass and a copy of your proof of identity to the polling station. An authorized representative may vote for a maximum of two other voters and does so at the same time as issuing their own vote.

You can also request a proxy in writing. You do this if you want to authorize another voter before you have received the voting pass (for example because you are going abroad) or want to authorize another voter because you do not have a valid identity card or proof of identity that has expired for a maximum of five years.

For the written application of a power of attorney, use the form Volmacht gemeenteraadsverkiezingen (full power of municipal elections) that you can download from the website Make sure that your form is received by the municipality on March 16.

The national government tries to prevent abuse with copies of identity documents.

This is how to proceed:
• write on the copy that it is a copy and for whom it’s intended
• write down the date on which you provided the copy;
• cross out your citizen service number (BSN), both in the document and in the string of numbers at the bottom. Businesses and other organisations may only use your BSN if and when permitted by law.

Election magazine with candidate list

On March 19, every household in Tilburg, Berkel-Enschot and Udenhout will receive the election magazine. The magazine replaces the gray list of candidates that you receive in other elections.
The magazine includes the lists of candidates of the parties participating in the elections, practical information about the elections and an overview of the polling stations. If you have not yet received an election magazine on 19 March, please send an e-mail to or call (013) 542 84 94